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39. Customize Multiboot Startup Options
Edit or create a startup menu that lets you choose which operating system to boot into
in multiboot systems, or create a menu that lets you choose different startup options
for your single operating system if you have only XP installed.
If you've installed another operating system (in addition to XP) on your system, your
PC starts up with a multiboot menu, which allows you to choose the operating system
you want to run. The menu stays live for 30 seconds, and a screen countdown tells
you how long you have to make a choice from the menu. After the 30 seconds elapse,
it boots into your default operating system, which is generally the last operating
system you installed.
You can customize that multiboot menu and how your PC starts by editing the< ... Read more »
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31. Internet Explorer As Fast As FireFox:
Open registry editor by going to Start then Run and entering regedit. Once in registry,
navigateto key HKEY_ ... Read more »
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19. Rework System Restore
The amount of space Windows uses for restore points is a little more complicated than
a single percentage value. The Registry ... Read more »
Views: 40385 | Added by: mani | Date: 24-Jan-12 | Comments (2)

7. Stopping Remote Assistance and
Remote Desktop Sharing

In Windows XP Professional, you have two remote networking features called
Remote Assistan ... Read more »
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Many people- hackers, crackers, administrators, compu ... Read more »
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